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The Province

Vancouver, B.C.



Canadians have more fun making movies

by Glen Schaefer, Movie Reporter


As an actor playing a priest intones a benediction over an open grave,

a man and a woman giggle and fidget off to the side.



A headset-wearing technician warns the two actors -- stars Adrian Paul

and Cyndy Preston -- to be quiet and director Gavin Wilding laughs.



"The Americans never have this much fun making a movie," Wilding says

over his shoulder.



They're playing with real money on the set of his new film Convergence

-- but at under $2 million, it's a micro-budget by U.S. standards -- and

the movie's subject matter is intense, about paranormal doings and death.



But there was a relaxed, kids-at-play aspect at work nonetheless as

the director marshalled his crew in an east Vancouver park. The four-week

shoot wrapped this week.



On one side of the park was a huge mock-up of an airplane's wrecked

tail-section, which was to be lit up that night with special- effects flames

to simulate an urban plane crash.



On the other side, where the cameras and lights are this moment, the

park was done up to look like a cemetery.



"We're burying my best friend today," Preston says. "I'm suspecting

that it's all my fault but I'm not sure yet."



Preston plays a 20-something newspaper reporter whose life starts getting

weird as friends start dying amid paranormal circumstances. She moves in

with a stranger, Paul's character, a coroner.



"He deals with dead bodies, he's a bit of a recluse," Paul says of his




American actor Christopher Lloyd plays a grizzled supermarket tabloid

journalist with a connection to the plane crash that Preston's character

survived as a girl.



Preston and Paul keep the mood light with off-camera jokes.



"Adrian's been like a brother -- he teases me constantly," Preston says,

slugging her co-star in the arm.



This day's shooting focusses on their two characters. Co-star Lloyd

emerges from his trailer to shoot a brief scene with them, paces the sidewalk

a bit and then goes back to the trailer, his work done for the day.



"He's a bit shy -- it was a week before he talked to any of us," a crew

member says.



Preston and Paul fill in the plot details, which have to do with a person

who cheated fate or destiny.



"I maybe should have died when I was 14, so bad things happen to people

around me," says Preston, who's sporting a fake bandage on her cheek for

this scene.



"I get knocked around and Adrian stitches me up."



The Convergence cast was assembled on the fly -- Preston had the script

for less than a week before shooting and she's in 19 of the 20 shooting




"I hope we get all the pieces together, because this could be really

interesting," she says.



The actors had some script input during shooting, says Paul.



"Gavin's very open to ideas -- the script is a work in progress and

we've added things."