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Cynthia Preston (born May 18, 1968) is a Canadian television and film actress. Preston was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Best known internationally for playing Faith Rosco on the American soap opera General Hospital from 2002 to 2005, and also for providing the voice of Zelda in The Legend of Zelda segments that aired as part of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show in 1989. She has also appeared in episodes of The Outer Limits, Total Recall 2070, Neon Rider, Street Legal, Katts and Dog, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Cynthia has also appeared in a number of films, including the role of Claire in Whale Music, Ursula in the Canadian cult-horror classic Pin, and Melissa Tyler in If Looks Could Kill - Teen Agent. Her most memorable television appearance has been In the 2013 flick "Carrie" Cynthia appears in the role of "Eleanor Snell".




CelebrityDialogue: Your famous character “Faith Rosco” in the American soap opera “General Hospital” won many hearts. Share your most memorable experiences connected to this program.

Cynthia: Playing Faith Rosco was a total joy.  First of all, I tested for another character and didn't get the part.  I was very disappointed, but then they called me and told me they were going to create a character for me!  I had no idea what the character was going to be, but I was over-the-moon excited.  I was pretty surprised when the character turned out to be a mob boss, psycho killer!

Playing Faith was a constant joy.   I loved the cast and crew so much.   I was shot on several occasions... and punched &  slapped quite a few times by other women on the show  - which was so much fun because I loved working with the stunt coordinator and doing the falls myself.    It made me kind of want  to be a stunt person as a side job :)


CelebrityDialogue: Is it creepy at all working in a horror film, like you did in “Carrie”?

Cynthia: As far as horror goes, most of my experience has been with comedy-horror, which is great fun, but with Carrie it was very creepy.  As you will see, certain things happen in my scene with Julianne Moore that will make you cringe and groan.  At least that's what we all did!  Cast and crew alike, as soon as Kim called cut, we all groaned!!  It will make your skin crawl!!  I can't say what happens, but it's great!


CelebrityDialogue: What does your character “Eleanor Snell” portray in this film?

Cynthia: I'm  Eleonor, Sue's Mom.   The scenes I shot with my daughter, played by Gabriella Wilde, show my character to be a warm, nurturing mother (who happens to have great taste in clothes).  I can't mention anything specific that happens.  I'm sworn to secrecy.



Cynthia with Julian Moore and some of the "Carrie" cast




CelebrityDialogue: Since you have worked in a number of horror flicks, do you think the industry does start to connect you with this genre of movies?

Cynthia: Well, I've been acting for 28 years, and most of what I have done has not been in the horror genre, so I'd be surprised if that was happening.  But life is full of surprises :)



























Cynthia Preston Carrie World Premiere Red Carpet by maximotv


CelebrityDialogue: What would be your dream role like?

Cynthia: I'd like to play a private detective.  Lots of disguises, lots of accents... smart plots!  Good drama with suspense and a little comedy thrown in.  Perfect.


CelebrityDialogue: When is “Only I..” scheduled to be released?

Cynthia: I don't know.  I missed a cast and crew screening when I was in LA for the Carrie premiere, but I'm told there will be another one soon.  As far as the release is concerned, sorry, I don't have that info.




CelebrityDialogue: What’s the topic of the film and what’s your role like?

Cynthia: The story is about a young man (Brendan Fehr) who dreams of becoming a Mixed Martial Arts champion.  I play the girlfriend of his coach (Hunt Block).


CelebrityDialogue: Tell us about the character that you portrayed in the television series “Hannibal”?

Cynthia: In Hannibal I play Emma Buddish, the wife a a truck driver and the mother of two.  It was beautifully written and such a pleasure to work on.   And to work with Laurence Fishburne and Hugh Dancy was literally a dream come true.


CelebrityDialogue: After successfully working in various TV series, your career has now turned towards films. Will you still keep in touch with television?

Cynthia: I love working in television.  Some of my favorite jobs have been for television.  The dream role you were asking me about,  the detective story...  I forgot to mention, that's a long running, successful television series  :)


CelebrityDialogue: Do you have any other films coming up?

Cynthia: I have a few projects coming up.  One is a film that I will be shooting later this month that I'm also co-producing.  It is based on a book and I shopped the project around to several producers on both sides of the border... one picked up the option and we start shooting soon.  I can't say more about it right now,  but the network is very excited about it and is being very guarded about the information flow surrounding it.  But when it is about to air I can tell you all about  how I came upon this project!

Also, I did a movie back in 1987 called PIN.  It was a Canadian feature and it has always been a project dear to my heart.  I have the greatest memories of that movie.    I recently found out that Sony has green lit  a sequel and I've been asked to reprise my role.  I couldn't be happier to be involved.

My episode of Lost Girl will be airing soon as well...  (season 4, episode 2). I think it will air around November 17th.  That role was so much fun! Especially juxtaposed with the role on Hannibal.

On Hannibal - no make up, no hair do, no concern for clothing.  On Lost Girl - false eyelashes, hair extensions, push up bras.  Get the picture?

Both  amazing jobs to get.   Both extremely challenging scenes to work on,  for very different reasons!

Oh,  I also just shot an episode of Republic of Doyle in Newfoundland earlier this month.  I think that will air around December 11th.


CelebrityDialogue: Thank you Cynthia. It was a pleasure.

Cynthia: Thank you so much, the pleasure was all mine :)