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ETM's holiday party

by Trisha Hickey


Not everyone has total recall from Edna Talent Management's

annual holiday bash, but it would be hard to forget Cynthia Preston,

star of the futuristic TV series, Total Recall: 2070, frolicking on

the dancefloor.


The telegenic Cynthia was just one of the many showbiz beauties who

descended on The Courthouse to sample the eggnog and toast the new

millenium. Hosted by agency boss Edna Khubyar, the seasonal soiree

is an opportunity for ETM's roster of writers, actors and directors

to get reacquainted and catch up on each others career moves.

Topping the guest list: veteran actors Kenneth Welsh and Rick Green

(The New Red Green Show), while hot new faces included Jody Racicot

(The City), Kristin Booth from the upcoming series Daring & Grace,

and Sarah Lafleur, from the sketch comedy series History Bites.


Also spotted: Improv diva Linsay Leese, singer Wendy Lands, and the

incredibly handsome Douglas O'Keeffe, who plays a bad guy in Legacy

starring Rod Steiger.


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