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Loves Music, Loves To Dance

Loves Music, Loves to Dance

Original Release Date: 2001


Film and television actress Patsy Kensit plays talk-show producer Darcy Scott, who is working on a TV documentary about people who date through the online personals. The movie is set in New York where internet dating and glittery nightspots prove to be sources of peril when a killer (Yannick Bisson) enacts a bizarre dance of death using the personal ads to lure his victims. Darcy talks her best friend Erin (Cynthia Preston) into answering several ads for research, but Erin is murdered after one of her dates. Devastated, guilt-ridden and against the wishes of Police Detective Vince D'Salva (Justin Louis), Darcy begins a treacherous dating game of her own, determined to uncover Erin's murderer. What Darcy doesn't know is that Erin wasn't his first victim and now the serial killer has set his sights on her. Sonny Grosso and his partner Larry Jacobson are Executive Producers, together with John Laing, Chairman and CEO of Rigel Independent Distribution Entertainment. Justine Bodle of the UK-based Alltime Entertainment produced the movie, while Mario Azzopardi directed." Both Grosso and Jacobson decided to shoot the entire film in Toronto to give it the look and feel of fast-paced New York City life, which suited Azzopardi very well.