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A Night of Distortion

Chairty Event For The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Honorary Chair: Emmanuelle Gattuso


Hosts: Katherine Newman, Peter Cebulak & Jane Corkin



A Night of Distortion inspired by the Surrealist movement of the 1920s which was defined by the departure from established artistic expression with the focus on liberating imagination. A Surrealist art exhibit and optional costume party hosted on Saturday November 16, 2013 at Corkin Gallery encouraging uninhibited expression, free association and the juxtaposition of opposing realities. Jane Corkin will curate a special exhibition of Surrealist photographs drawn from the private collection and featuring distortion works from 1933 by André Kertész. Artists that will be in attendance include: Françoise Sullivan, David Urban, Barbara Astman and Ramón Serrano. The proceeds to benefit the innovators focused on immune therapy research and related clinical trials at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.



The Cause

Under the immune therapy leadership of Dr. Ben Neel, Dr. Pamela Ohashi, Dr. Marcus Butler and Dr. Naoto Hirano the immediate goal is three fold. One, to maintain an Immune Monitoring Program which would involve the following of all patients' immune responses who are undergoing immune therapy in order to analyze why some people respond better than others. Such a program is critical in order to provide further understanding that will allow for the effective activation of the immune system in all patients. Second, to introduce clinical trials involving novel immune therapies. Funding for new approaches to treat cancer such as immune therapy is limited. This funding is imperative to translate research from lab to bedside. Support of clinical trials will enable Dr. Ohashi's team to design two to three state of the art clinical trials implementing different strategies to treat cancer using the body's own immune system. And finally, an Immune Therapy Suite, with beds designated for patients undergoing immune therapy, who would be cared for by dedicated nurses who are experts in the managing of this therapy. We are at a critical turn in the path to cure cancer and all of us are all called upon to support innovation and creativity in the field of science that will in the end improve the human condition. Most significant discoveries to date in the fight against cancer have been made in academic centers supported by philanthropy