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No whales this time

by Glen Schaefer, Movie Reporter


Toronto-born actress Cyndy Preston is shivering in a Vancouver park, a long way from her adopted L.A. home.



"I'm going to get it put in my next contract that I can't be cold and

wet," she says hoarsely, sniffling as a crew member wraps her in a blanket

between takes. "My voice isn't usually like this."



There's something about Vancouver, Preston and being cold. Her role

in 1993's Whale Music had her outside in a bikini during a Vancouver October

and November. On this day's shooting of Convergence, her part calls for

her to stand around wearing a light jacket.



But cold aside, the city's been good to her. She still remembers her

Whale Music experience as her best movie-making job so far. In that movie,

Preston starred as a street kid who draws a reclusive pop star (Maury Chaykin)

back to his music.



"Whale Music is hard to beat," Preston says. When that movie was opening

festivals that year on its way to earning the best-movie Genie, Preston

was taken on by a Los Angeles talent agency, leading to jobs down south.



She's happy to be working in Canada again because lately TV and movie

projects have kept her in the U.S. She shares a house in L.A.'s Studio

City hills with a boyfriend who helped design the dinosaurs in the Jurassic

Park sequel.



"I'm a Canadian with a green card," she says. "My preference would be

to work in Canada but I get offers and I won't look a gift horse in the