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Relic Hunter



EPISODE #107 "Flag Day"


Writer: Ian Toynton

Director: David Wu

Aired Week of: 10/11/99



It's off to the wild, wild West after Sydney and Nigel see an old photo of the Pioneer's Bear Flag of California, believed to have been destroyed during the struggle to control the state in 1846. Tracking the banner to Larivee, California, the intrepid Relic Hunters meet Jake Whitney, a crusty old miner, claiming to know where the flag is hidden. When Sydney and Nigel finally decipher Jake's old West slang and find him dead in an abandoned gold mine, they suspect that he was murdered while trying to capture the flag himself. The only question remains -- can they unearth the pioneer artifact before meeting Jake's same fate?



Michael McPhaden as Merrit Falsey, Anthony Ashbee as Zeke Adams, Dov Tiefenbach as Marty Billings, Cyndy Preston as Hannah, and Don Francks as Jake Whitney.